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This is a Photograph of the original Ould Funeral Home.
In the late 1930's my Grandfather, Carl T. Addison moved his wife Myrtle, daughter Betty (my mother) and son to Huntsville to begin working at the Ould's Funeral Home. Later my grandparents had another daughter, Barbara. Shortly after my grandfather arrived Mr. John Ould died and my grandfather assisted Mrs. Ould in operating the business. After a few years of operating under the Ould Funeral Home name Carl Addison took over the ownership of the business and the Addison Funeral Home began.

Carl T. Addison

In 1969 my grandfather, Carl T. Addison sold the funeral home to his son with the plan to enjoy a well deserved retirement. Unfortunately, due to poor health, my grandfather died in 1972. Upon taking over ownership of the funeral home my uncle proceeded to make it more modern in design, more accessible, and installed a permanent chapel.  Throughout the coming years many renovations and advances in service were made in the funeral home. My uncle continued operating the funeral home in my grandfather's footsteps. As a young child my grandfather would take me out of town on trips for the funeral home. When my uncle took over the family business and started renovations I began working at the funeral home, helping with the renovations and later with funeral assistance.


Originally located on West Street behind the old Eaton's store, my grandfather, in the late 1940's moved the business to it's current location.

Originally located on West Street behind the old Eaton's store, my grandfather, in the late
1940's moved the business to it's current location.


I left Huntsville in 1977 to attend Humber College in Toronto and obtained my Funeral Directors License in 1979. I remained in Toronto working with the Trull Funeral Homes until 1984, when my uncle invited me to return to the family business. I worked with my uncle until the time he sold the business in 1990 at which time I became the managing funeral director.

The corporation, from their time of purchase, was aware of my interest in owning the business started by my Grandfather. On May 16, 2001 my wife Colleen and I were fortunate enough to be able to purchase the funeral home. It was a difficult decision to change the name of the funeral home, but to set the new direction of the business it was necessary. Now the business operates under my family name, however it will continue to be operated in the spirit of my grandfather, Carl T. Addison. The chapel has been dedicated to his memory with his portrait proudly hung in the foyer.

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We have recently completed renovations to the interior and exterior of our funeral home. We are very pleased with the end results and their functionality.
Not included in the photo display is our parking area at the rear of the building, right now no one needs to see another snowbank.
Published: Tuesday, February 04, 2014

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